Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 44 - What do women REALLY want?

I bet that got your attention!

What do women REALLY want? It clearly can't be hot running water and a plug-in hairdryer as this is me earlier this year on Kilimanjaro and I was as happy as can be here. And trust me, I do appreciate running water and use my hairdryer every day in my 'normal' life.

The past few weeks I have had so many questions regarding the Camino - why people do it, what they found to be different about themselves after they've done it, will they do it again etc., etc., etc.

So then I got thinking. Isn't the real question - what do we want from life? And as I am a woman, isn't it appropriate for me to examine what it is that women really want from life?

As a woman and one that's been around for a while, surely I should be able to answer that one myself.
In fact, based on those qualifications, I should be an authority on the subject.

So after much deliberation with myself on the subject (and a number of cups of coffee, alone and with others of my species) I have come to the conclusion that what I read somewhere was absolutely spot on.

We only want two things really badly.


If we have those two things, EVERYTHING else will follow. Respect, happiness, fun, the desire to nurture those around us - I can carry on naming things until the sun goes down!

Whether we receive it from our partners, our children, our parents or our friends - that's all we really want.

Well, as far as I'm concerned anyway...

My friend Snowy shared a few words of wisdom with me a couple of days ago. He said: 'Age is determined by what happens between your ears'. Amen, I say.

My husband owes him big time as I suppose third on the list of what women really want, is to retain our youthful looks! I'm going to stop googling 'face-lift's' for a while and instead I'll follow Snowy's advice. 

Think myself young - is that possible? I'm certainly going to give it a bash! 


  1. I often meet old people on my wanderings and describe them as such in my journal, forgetting that I'm probably their age. May that be part of the answer.


  2. Have to say I agree with Snowy's comment! And a second to Servass comment too! In fact I've been shocked that the ones I've decided were "old" were in fact younger than I am. Guess I never will grow up!! :-)

  3. Yes! Love and Affection! That's it! If I have those, I can live in a tin can! Lack of affection in my last 14 year relationship was the main reason for my leaving. Now, I live alone, and don't have love OR affection from anyone. But it is better than living WITH someone and experiencing the blatent lack of it each moment of the day.

    I've met so many "youngsters" on the Camino who were in their 80's... and so many "oldsters" in life who insist they're too old to take such a journey. Old age is, in part, the result of what's between our ears. Often, the aches and pains that torment us miraculously disappear when we stop giving them attention, and instead pay attention to someone or something else.

  4. I can see I'm in good company here - we all agree then, age is such a relative thing!

    Annie, I agree - life is too short to waste with the wrong people and their negative energy. Sometimes it simply takes us all a while to figure that one out. Good on you for moving on!


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