Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 32 - Say it with colour!

Our photography club meets tonight and I thought I'd post a preview of my attempts! This month we had to choose a theme colour and than photograph anything we felt drawn to. I chose to have fun with food and flowers...

The author of the wonderful book I'm reading at the moment, Tony Kevin, has given me the green light to chat about and quote from his book. 'Walking the Camino' is a fascinating read and I will be sharing it with you over the next couple of days. 

Here is a little piece that sets the tone:

'As I looked at the faces of the happily chatting men and women pilgrims around me - English, Germans, Spanish, Dutch, Canadians, Japanese - I began to feel the spirit of the Santiago pilgrimage starting to enter quietly into my soul. There was fellowship here,human solidarity, and generosity of spirit.It wasn't just about endurance walking and blisters on hot, dry roads: there was something more happening here.'

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