Sometimes signs are posted to help us with directions. Sometimes they're meant to tell us what the rules are and sometimes they're meant to alert us about unexpected crossings. There are are a myriad of signs out there and sometimes a sign could mean more than one thing, depending on how you want to read it!

I'm going to have some fun with signs from now on - will post them here and would like to invite you to send me any quirky one's you come accross - especially if you found them on a camino!

Here goes...

Clearly frog legs are not seen as a delicacy in our neck of the woods!

That's a bit ambitious!

Spotted in Switzerland by my old school friend - thanks Andre!

Taken in Sardinia earlier this year - thanks Rodney! The picture was taken by Rodney's daughter, Emma.

Talk about misleading advertising - thx Rod!

And more from Rodney...

I think this must be where you can shout as loud as you wish....

Guess that detour I thought I shouldn't have taken was indicated after all... ;)