Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 31 - The dreaded Albergues

Overnight hostels. Those two words together do not work for me at this stage of my life. Especially not if it forms part of my travel itinerary!

On the Camino de Santiago they are referred to as 'Albergues' and I have no idea what to expect from these ominous places. From what I've read they are all very different. Some seem wonderful and some seem to be just as the description says - overnight hostels and nothing more.

So now you'll understand why I was intrigued by a recent post by my new friend, Annie, on her camino blog. She decided to showcase some of her favourite Albergues and I was all ears. She has very kindly allowed me to post some of the pictures here. I must say, I am pleasantly surprised!

To read more about Annie's experiences at these Albergues, visit http://www.caminosantiago2.blogspot.com/.

I am indeed thankful for people like Annie, Sil and Karin, all recent acquaintances of mine, who are so willing to share their camino experiences. I know that when I finally pack my backpack to start my own walk, I will be so much better prepared because of all their advice and guidance.

Gracias peregrinas!

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  1. Denada! Thoroughly enjoying your blog, your enthusiasm and your pictures too!


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