Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 34 - Affirmations

Today I went walking. For almost two hours. I hung my imaginary scallop shell board around my neck, plugged my earphones in and headed down to the beach. I didn't take my camera along as I wasn't really in the mood to take pictures but about half way into the walk I was in such a beautiful place, I just had to relent. So the above photo was taken with my phone.

This was such a peaceful, serene spot, I simply had to capture the moment. This is where my walk became so much more than what I'd expected when I set out. About twenty steps later, I spotted this sign. I had to take another picture as I could not believe how uncanny this was! My head had been filled with camino thoughts up to that moment - in fact I'm finding it hard to not book that ticket to Spain and forget about waiting until July 2012! This really took me aback a little...

Pelegrini of course, means pilgrim. And then, probably twenty more steps away - this just jumped out right at me...

If you think it's pretty far fetched up to now, wait for this. I'd been listening to jazz on a station called Fine Music Radio up to that point. Here the reception became really bad and I had to search for another station. I put the radio on the automatic search function and it stopped on a local station at 94.5. After the first song faded away, the presenter introduced himself.

marc pilgrim.

Well, I'm speechless. The scallop shell means 'don't talk to me today'. I guess there are more ways of communicating than saying things out loud. All I know is that someone spoke to me today.

Loud and clear!


  1. You are a busy lady, with keeping up those blogs! Thanks for following me, I am your new follower as of today!

  2. Hi, Thank you for the comment on my Blog... and I will be with you on your journey to journeying the Camino! Beautiful photos... I always have my camera on me too, well usually! I will enjoy reading your Blog I am sure...

    I would love to walk the camino also, one day, I read a Shirley Maclaine book about her journey, which was amazing..


  3. Hi Emilene,

    That's a good idea, starting your camino from now on. I will follow your blog with interest.

    I'm writing a journal since Juli 2009, when I took the decision to walk from Vézelay to Fistera in 2011, and I too will do it to celebrate a memorable anniversary: my 70th.
    I'm writing for my family and friends; and for myself in order to remain sane, because I'm becoming quite obsessive. Nowadays I dream nearly every night that I'm already on the road.

    Have a great time.

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed my blog! That's quite amazing that you're preparing so much for your Camino so far in advance.

    I was just talking to a woman who's writing a thesis on the pilgrimage, and she said a lot of people talked about seeing various "signs" before they went--literally in your case!

    For me, I'd been wanting to do the Camino for years, and then it kept coming up on the radio and a few other places....

  5. As always,fantastic photo captures. The caterpillar is stupendous. Write on friend. xxoo

  6. Mireille - Talk about busy! Your blog is wonderful and you can let me know if you ever need someone to carry your suitcases on your trips! Love all your pictures!

    Marian - Seeing that you are already in Spain, you should really consider walking the camino! I am inviting people to walk parts of the route with me - you have until July 2012 to prepare!

    Servaas - I can hear you are in the same place as I am! Have you started a blog or ar you just writing your thoughts down at this stage? It really helps one understand what you're letting yourself in for and certainly ensures that you are well prepared. It's a long road and I'd rather go confident and prepared than just packing my bag and heading off into the unknown!

    Anna-Marie - Your blog is fantastic! And yes, all signs are pointing towards this journey for me - I say again, not sure how I'm going to wait until 2012! In a way though I think that this journey before the journey is almost as important! I have had made contact with such incredible people already, that in itself is a blessing for me!

    Kathleen - I spotted that little caterpillar on one of our hikes on Table Mountain and took about 200 photos of him... I'm like a child in a candy store on our hikes, there is just so much beauty out there, they could leave me there with my camera for a couple of days and I'll be perfectly content!

  7. I have always seen signs along the road, and I have always taken them seriously. Or should I say that I am afraid to ignore them? I am happy that you see them too. I am excited about joining you on this adventure.

  8. Thanks Bruce, I'm glad you found my blog - I really enjoy reading yours as well.

    I must say, the signs really are popping up everywhere for me.

    Glad to have you along on the journey!

  9. I'm following you!

    Would love a follow back :-)

    Thank you!!

  10. Hi Emilene,

    I don't have a blog yet. I send my journal as a PDF-doc to family, friends and some unknown who where told about my journal. My journal stops the day a leave. What I will do during my pelgrimage, I don't know. I like to be free of obligations, like looking in a frency for internet, but I will certainly write a blog afterwards.
    Problem is, my journal is in Dutch. I know that some af your compatriots could read it. Are you one of them?
    About signs: a week ago I dreamed that I stood for a statue of Theresa of Lisieux in some French church. She smiled to me and showed me a bucket full of marguarites, instead of the roses she normaly holds in her arms. I asked myself, obsessed as I'am, how heavy that must be for such a fragile woman and of there was water in that bucket too.
    The next day I had an apointment with a pedicure to get rid of a corn in my foot that plaged me for more than thirty years. To our wonderment the corn wasn't there anymore.

  11. Welcome Melissa! I've just joined your blog - someone should start something similar over here!

    What a great idea. (By the way - I have a little 2 year old grandson and his mommy, my daughter, is Melissa as well! So we understand how busy your household is right now!)

    Servaas - My first language is Afrikaans, so I will definitely understand most of what you write, yes. I do understand your feeling about not wanting to be bound to have to find an internet cafe in every town when walking.

    One thing I have learnt from my Kilimanjaro experience, if you don't write things down at the end of every day, you WILL forget a lot!

    I was just so tired after spending hours climbing and reaching altutudes that made it difficult to operate as normal, writing things down the was the last thing I felt like doing!

    I still have to figure out how I'm going to do it on the walk - I certainly have enough time to work on that one!

  12. Okay. Send me your e-mailaddress and I send you my journal and follow-ups. Mine is Have a nice trip,


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