Friday, October 15, 2010

Day seven - The Clivias have opened up - glorious!

And there they are!

When I wrote the very first post on this blog I photographed these clivias in my garden. The flowers were all closed up then and it was really quite symbolic of new life, new beginnings and expectation of sorts for me.

An appropriate start for my new journey, I thought.

Now I'm one week into the 'walk before the camino' and my clivias are looking spiffy. They're opening up and they've transformed one corner of the garden into a beautiful showpiece.

The Agapanthus is not far behind, it seems like a race to show off colour is in full swing in my backyard.

Watching the seasons come and go in this garden that I started ten years ago is almost like watching your children grow up. I look at the myriads of designs and colour combinations of flowers that have just appeared in the last couple of weeks, not just in the garden, but all over and I have to acknowledge that God is great!

We're off tomorrow to a little town situated between majestic sand- and limestone mountains, a couple of hours away from home. My husband is participating in a mountain bike race and I'm hoping to do some hiking and perhaps get a few good shots in the mountains. Who knows what I'm going to find out there - the camera batteries are charged, little Abbey the Yorkie's bag is packed and my hiking boots are in the car.

Our fellow travellers will meet up with us along the way, so we're in for a weekend of good company, lovely scenery and great food. A camino of sorts then!

I'm excited to share the experience with you, I'll take you on a photo journey when we get back as I'm not sure that we'll have reception out there.

Perhaps not a bad thing... Cell phones, laptops and all other gadgets should actually just stay locked up at home. That certainly is going to be liberating for me on the Camino de Santiago, a life without gadgets for one whole month. What has become of us!

Anyway, I have to get up early so let me leave you with a quote...

'There was never a pilgrim that did not come back to his own village with one less prejudice and one more idea'


  1. Sounds like an exciting time ahead for you - you are such an inspiration !

  2. I really do believe that you create your own destiny by the choices you make! This just feels right to me and after climbing Kilimanjaro I simply have to follow the route I'm being directed towards! I love reading about your adventures as well and wish you all the best in the land that you choose to call home right now!!

  3. Welcome to camino addiction! Stumbled to your blog from... CaminoBuddies..I think...I think and read about it so much sometimes it's hard to remember all the threads...they run together...wishing you all the best in your grand adventure. I'm hoping to make it next fall, mid Sept thro Oct of 2011! Buen Camino, Karin

  4. Hi Karin! I know what you mean - it feels like information overload at this stage! To be honest, I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to wait till July 2012 - I'm so ready to start walking!! Buen Camino to you as well :)

  5. To begin lightening your load now is wise. You will be amazed how little it takes to be happy and how much happier you can be with very little.


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