Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 12 - Exploring the countryside

Our trip to Ladismith ( this weekend was everything I expected it to be and so much more. There is an energy in that beautiful part of our country that one simply can't ignore. I experience it as a vibrant, yet peaceful feeling that makes me want to stay there for much longer than we normally have time for.

This time we stayed on a farm about 12km from the town and our main reason for going up there was because of the 80km Seweweekspoort mountainbike race held there every year. My roll is that of supporter and photographer, my husband is the one who gets on the bike!

He bikes and I hike. That works for me! His biking takes me all over the world and I certainly don't have a problem with that! In Melbourne I volunteered to help at the 'Around the Bay in a Day' cycle race and in New Zealand I drove the campervan around Lake Taupo while he took part in the race that circled the lake.

A pity my love for photography was still somewhat dormant at that stage, if I think of all the amazing shots I could have taken! I do have a few snapshots though, come to think of it, I'll have to go dig around for one or two to post.

Here are some of the weekend's encounters..

Only in Africa!

Our lunch stop in Greyton - lamb shank was good!

Our Abbey - enjoying farm life!

We met these two in Montagu - tired or bored, not sure!
Thinking back about this wonderful weekend we had also makes me a little sad this morning. One of my brother's childhood friends is lying in hospital today, fighting for his life. He celebrated his 39th birthday a few days ago and it seems as if the battle he has been waging with cancer is about to defeat him.

A few weeks ago he had surgery in the USA and there was tremendous hope that the treatment he received there, that our doctors were unable to offer him here at home, would give him time and healing. That wasn't to be though.

It just seems so sad and unfair. A young man with three small children and a future that is ebbing away. We all have our own journeys but his is taking him to places that he certainly could not have wished for.

I also can't help thinking about how his journey is affecting so many close to him and in fact shaping theirs. It just brought home to me how our journeys are intertwined and connected, whether we wish for it to be, or not.

My prayers are with this young family today and I hope that God fills them with love, acceptance and understanding - things that must be difficult to feel when someone close to you is having to endure such incredible suffering .


  1. I stopped in to visit from the SITS girls site. What a unique idea for a blog! And I admire the preparation you're putting into the journey you're about to take. I'm sure I'll be back to visit in the days ahead!

  2. Hi Renee Ann - I'm literally counting the days! I think walking the camino has to change your life forever...


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