Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 15 - The weekend that was...

Yet another weekend has come and gone and the first Christmas decorations have appeared in the malls. It feels like yesterday that I packed away all the wrappings and vowed never to spend another entire day cooking Christmas lunch...

So much for new years resolutions, I'm already starting to think about this year's menu and colour schemes. Oh well.

Before I commit to more promises that I know I'm not going to keep, let me rather show you a few highlights of the weekend.

We had a VERY successful cycling event this morning - here are a few of the two million pictures I took...

And then there was the Pepper, Potato and Pea tortilla I managed to conjure up on Saturday - recipe will follow tomorrow, a quick and easy supper or lunch served with a salad. Takes half an hour to put together!

Finally - our little Abbey. I haven't discussed the whole bedbug situation with her, got to think of an incentive of sorts first. As you can see, she clearly is a little princess and bedbugs definitely do not feature in her world!

Tomorrow I'll be mulling over 'have to take along' items for the camino. Oh - and hopefully capture a sunny Table Mountain for a change!

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