Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 206 - Music of my dreams...

                                                James Grace

One of my biggest dreams is to be able to play the classical guitar one day. I have been so busy leading the life that unfolded for me the last thirty years that I have not been ready or able to make that dream come true...yet.

It certainly doesn't mean that I've given up. Just the opposite! I've been feeling that familiar something in the back of my mind that normally indicates the start of a new adventure of sorts. It feels like it's time to pursue this dream. I have enough CD's now, it feels like it's time to find a teacher.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to one of our greatest classical guitarists, James Grace. I've yet to attend one of his concerts, but rest assured, that's on my have to do list for 2011. I listen to his music while I'm driving and certain tracks are so firmly embedded in my memory by now, I'm sure if you put a guitar in my hand I'll almost be able to play it!

 If you'd like to read more about this very talented musician and one of our great South African exports, you can visit his website by clicking here

I am absolutely and totally in love with track no. 6 on his 'Cafe Latino' CD titled 'Oblivion'. The day I can play that song on my own will be the day I open a bottle of the best champagne I can afford!

I promise this will be the first place where I'll post a picture of that joyous event!

Life without dreams would be a sad affair indeed!


  1. Hi and thank you for your comment on my photo blog. I'm now following your blog and look forward to your future posts!

    My best regards, Mari

  2. Welcome Mari! I really enjoy your blog as well - your photographs are stunning and the advise you offer has been really useful to me!

  3. I am just so jealous of you right now- to be able to take photos of Table Mountain. I am truly and deeply in love with the Cape, sometimes even on the second sunday in March! But all my efforts to get a job there has so far been unsuccesfull. Enjoy the Cape, and your preparation for the Camino!

  4. Good luck with the guitar. I never got beyond a few chords myself, but perhaps you'll have better luck! Life without dreams is like the Camino without wine.


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