Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 203 - Things that really count.

'The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.
  They must be felt with the heart.'

This morning a very dear friend forwarded me a lovely email that ended with the lines above. In these busy times with all its challenges, I'm so glad she took the time to do this as it made me sit down and think about how true this statement is.

I'll be the last one to deny that I enjoy the good things in life but isn't part of this journey that I'm on to start focusing on what's really important? What brings real and lasting happiness? 

When I walk those 25km's a day, what will really bring a smile to my face? The new dress I bought a week ago, the nice car I love driving so much, or will it be the feeling of love that floods my entire soul when I hold my grandchild and we laugh till our tummies ache at the silliest of jokes?

As for how much luggage I can take along, I'm going to be restricted to less than 10kg. I thank God that the most important 'luggage' that I will be taking along weighs zero kg on earth but  a couple of tons in my heart!

I'll be focusing on accumulating as many special moments to pack in my storeroom from this day forward - I'll have at least 780km to relive each and every one! 


  1. And....Spain is not a 3rd world country. You can buy what you may need as you go...

  2. Hi Emilene- ek is bly ek ontmoet jou so. Hier is die antwoord op jou vraag (gecopy van my blog af) :

    Hi Emilene- ek hoop die internetfasiliteite is goed genoeg om te kan blog, dit klink baie rural daar. Ek sal ten minste op facebook probeer update waar ek is.

    Ek gaan voor die besigste tyd, so nee vir die tent, ek probeer onder 10 kg inkom met die rugsak, wat 'n groot challenge vir my is. Ek pak altyd te veel goed in, en my laaste Julie Drakensberg stap was ek 25 kg gelaai- bietjie erg! Ek sal eerder rough gaan en in 'n boer se skuur gaan wegkruip as om 'n tent saam te dra!

    Gelukkig is daar baie goeie materiaal oor die Camino beskikbaar- die Confraternity se gidse is 'n baie goeie wegspringplek. Sterkte vir jou voorbereidings- ek wens ek kon jou Kilimanjaro ervaring êrens doen.

  3. I am always so happy to see you when you stop by my blog. This will be quite the journey for you...in many ways.
    I think it would be wonderful to accomplish something so grand.
    It's a good thing the "weight restrictions" don't apply to our hearts eh.


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