Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The countdown has begun!

Today is my birthday. This means, God willing, in exactly one year from this day I will be walking into Santiago. I have had a wonderful day and feel really blessed tonight. I haven't blogged for a while but look forward to sharing the countdown journey to June 2012 with you in the coming months!

As they say - buen camino, I guess!!


  1. Well happy HAPPY birthday.
    It will be interesting to see "how and what you have to do " to prepare for this pilgrimage.

  2. No, dont guess! Buen Camino indeed!!!
    And happy birthday! Enjoy this year fully every day.

  3. Happy Birthday! You're on your way.

  4. Oh! I'm sorry I missed your birthday. My computer was down :(

    Hope it was HAPPY!

  5. Happy BELATED birthday - and now, you are under the 366 days before the Santiago arrival! whohoo!
    There is so much to read, learn and discover about the Camino even before you set foot on the trail!

    I'm hoping to put my thoughts to a book - I typically participate in NaNoWriMo each November, and this will be my subject of choice. Until then I need to make sense of my scribbles, my photos, my memories and my research!

    Make the countdown as fun as possible! the time will go by quickly!


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