Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 78 - A world without bees...

Walking 780km without all the worldly luxuries that most of us have become accustomed to, is going to be quite a challenge. I know my walk is months away but I am already thinking about what I'm going to miss most. 

I know certain things are going to be pretty non-negotiable for me. I LOVE coffee. I suspect Spaniards love their caffeine fix as much as I do, so I'm hoping there will be a regular and quality supply of my one basic must-have! 

I do love an afternoon siesta when I can squeeze it in. Again, I suspect, if I arrive early enough after an early morning start, I might be obliged in that department as well.... 

I might as well accept that I will have to do without my hairdryer, my car keys, my laptop, my call-for-free between 7pm and 7am phone deal, the guarantee of a delicious three course meal every day, laundry service, cable TV, a private en-suite bedroom every night, a soft (bed bug free) mattress, late wake-up calls and breakfast in bed.

Well, believe it or not - I actually can't wait! Imagine being in a space where your main purpose is to get from point A to point B at your own pace, with just a bag on your back and ALL the freedom in the world to let your thoughts go to a place of peace where the deadlines and demands of daily 'normal' living is non-existent!

A spiritual journey of discovery. What a gift.

My mind is already wandering as today I really wanted to tell you about something that neither you or I, whether on a camino or not, would be able to do without. A tiny little creature that we take for granted and in fact don't really want near us most of the time.

The honeybee. Take a minute to ponder this thought...

No bees
No pollination
No plants
No animals
No people

Here are some of the bees, plants, animals and people as seen through my lens the last couple of months. Looking at these photos really brought the gravity of the above statement home to me! Just imagine. A world without bees. Unthinkable.


  1. Yes, the Spaniards do drink coffee! When I lived in Spain, I used to transport several maids in my car each morning. There was a very intense coffee essence in my Volkswagen. (They also like it with Brandy.)

  2. emilene: I love everything about this post. Please tell me how long you expect the trip to take. When are you leaving? I have done several distance hikes, but I can't claim anything this long. I did hike 267 miles through the Cascades into Canada, the Long Trail in Vermont (about 275m), and long stretches of the Appalachian Trail. Your hike is twice as long, so I give you a great deal of credit. Each time it took me about a month.

  3. JJ - I'm planning to walk in July 2012 - I have a big birthday that month and I thought it would be an apt way to start the next round, as it were!

    When we climbed Kilimanjaro in July this year, the one girl (we were three) turned 50 on the mountain and we decided that every year in July we'll take an adventure trip somewhere, doing something that we've never done before.

    For me the Camino has come to represent so much more than just an adventure trip - hence the blog. The 'pilgrimage' to me has started right here, in my own home, leading and prompting me to discover and explore life with a new interest!

    We are still looking for something to do in July 2011 - any suggestions will be very welcome!

    As for how long the Camino is going to take me - I'm planning to take about a month. I am going to be very flexible though as for me it's going to be all about the journey - the final destination is going to be exactly that - only the point at the end of the journey...

    The hikes you mention sound wonderful - I'm going to google more info...


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