Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 57 - For the record...

I'm so sick and tired of hearing myself say that I should start running again that this morning I finally decided to get my act together. I kicked myself out of bed (well it felt like I did anyway...) and I went a-walking. 

After climbing Kilimanjaro in July I simply stopped running. I was quite ill for a while after the climb but that excuse really is old news now. I think it might be a combination of factors that made me walk circles around my running shoes for so long. Being on such a high (pun intended...) and after months of hype and excitement about this big project, it's almost like an anti-climax once your life returns to normal.

I think that since I've decided to tackle the Camino in 2012, some of my enthusiasm for things sporty has returned, albeit very slowly. The fact that I'm battling to fit into some of my clothes and we haven't even started all the 'silly-season' cooking, also helped catapult me out of that bed this morning. 

My running partner has moved into a different league since Kili, she's managed to take just over half an hour off our half marathon time! That certainly has made me even more despondent - how on earth am I ever going to catch up with her!

Well, this is what I've decided. Focus on the positive, madame pellegrina. I WILL be running a sub two hour half marathon instead of taking two hours and thirty six minutes as in the past. I WILL catch up with my running partner because it's just so much fun running together. I WILL happily start the day with a walking or running session to get all those positive endorphins to lift my mood - I do remember how good exercise makes one feel and I WILL be able to eat every delicacy on the Christmas table because I will have run the excess away before then...

To top it all - I live in such a beautiful part of the world, running here is indeed a privilege. There were so many beautiful and interesting things that I spotted on this morning's walk (yeah, I am taking it slowly - walking will become running by next week) that I simply had to capture some for you.

At least they allow you to smile...

Guess no one told this little guy!

So there you have it. I've committed. 5km Done and dusted today. And now that I've put it out there and informed the whole wide world of my noble intentions, I guess I'm going to have to go and shop for running clothes - a girl has to work on staying motivated!


  1. Good lord...1/2hour off her time....I don't think I like her at all!! Just kidding!! I'm so used to being at the back of the pack!! I actually like it back there...I think we actually have more fun back there than the speed demons, like my oldest son. We actually talk to each other back there!! you've got me inspired...I need to get back to it...I stopped running shortly after my one and only marathon!! That was just over a year ago!! Blush w/shame!!! will go on early tomorrow!!

    Gracias, Karin

  2. Yay! Well, who knows, maybe we can do the New York marathon together some time in the future...

    Never say never!

  3. emilene: I absolutely can identify. As a long-time athlete and adventure seeker, I often went through similar emotions. I believe it is anti-climatic. You have all the earmarks of a lifer - a crazy person in great shape! You will remain motivated. You have no choice.

  4. Hi Emilene

    Well I have arrived at your blog at last.
    You do indeed live in a beautiful part of thie beautiful world!

    I am not a runner (the thought of it makes me shudder lol) but I am a walker as you know and also a keen cyclist so fitness is important to me too.
    Motivation is often the hardest thing so I will share something with you to hopefully encourage you *grin*

    I walk 10km a day in the early morning (5.30am) with 15kg weighted ruc-sac on my back. I live in England UK and temperatures here are a cool -1c to -14c in my area at that time of the morning at this time of the year and there is snow on the ground.

    And I am not a woman who can even take comfort in buying new clothes hehe

    I will start your blog from the beginning, but just wanted to say Hi.

    God bless you and i pray He helps your motivation

  5. JJ - Thank you for your lovely words, as always!

    Chris - I am so happy that you finally found the blog! I hope you will now be inspired to start writing yours as well! According to my calculations I had more than 600 days to go to my walk when I started this blog. I'm now on day 58 and as you can see - there's always something to talk about! Funny too, how many of these topics can be linked to the Camino somehow!

    As for your early morning expeditions with the backpack - you have my respect! Talk about motivation - you're an inspiration indeed!


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