Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My previous post was titled 'Sin palabras'. This morning I searched once again for words to write down here but still it eludes me. As I continue to absorb the experience, almost four months since it ended, I wish I was back in the little albergue in Ruitelan where a new day is always welcomed in with these angelic sounds gently washing over all that have rested there for a brief while... 


  1. Emilene, I am so happy that your pilgrimage was such a success. I sensed it would be. There are times in each of our lives where we are called to take a chance. For those who answer that call many wonders appear. Ruitelan was a welcomed stop for Robin and I as well. We start walking (again) from St. Jean on Dec 31st.

    Peace be with you,

    1. Lovely to hear from you! You are so right - I also maintain that if you walk the Camino with an open heart the blessings and wonders continue to appear, even long after the actual walk! I wish you all the very best for your walk, I'll be watching your blog for updates! Love to you both!


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