Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 544 - Spain

Today I am in the beautiful city of Barcelona. We´ve been here for two nights and later today we will be starting our magical 11 night cruise around the Med. What a special way to end off the year!

My bags are packed - from running shoes to evening gowns, I´m prepared for all occasions! There are some really special stops on route, a pity that I wasn´t able to get a visa for the one day stop in Casablanca, Morocco. Anyway, I´m looking forward to seeing the Canary Islands, Malaga, Rome and the cherry on the cake, Funchal on New Year´s eve!

That´s it for now - hoping to post some great pics at the end of our trip and wising you all a truly special New Year´s Eve! All the very best for 2012, I can´t wait to come back to Spain in a few months time - hope you´ll come along for the adventure!


  1. I WILL BE ALONG for this adventure. It all sounds quite magical to me.
    be safe...and can't wait to hear more

  2. Buon camino for 2012

  3. Buon camino for 2012

  4. all sound incredible.
    I like the part....running shoes and evening gowns.
    gosh...I don't even own an evening gown.


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