Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 510 - What if...

I found myself going through my old pictures recently and somehow I kept going back to this one. This was taken in my final year at school and my friends convinced me to join the cheer leading team. Our big yearly sports day was held at the Greenpoint Stadium in Cape Town - who would have guessed that years later soccer teams from all over the world would compete for the world cup on this very spot!

What really kept me going back to this picture though, I think, was not what the place where it was taken has become, but where I was in my own journey at this point. 

18 Years old. Starry eyed.

How I wish I knew that the Camino existed then. Who knows how much my backpack would have weighed had I taken to the road at this point... :)


  1. 18 and stary eyed...isn't that the truth. Still visions of sugar plums in our heads (tee,hee)
    I am thinking your back pack is packed "more sensibly" now, then it would have been at 18.
    You were a cutey for sure.

  2. emilene: You might be a year or two older, but you are still starry-eyed!

  3. Dalk is die "diepte" dalk juis wat nodig is vir so 'n staproete. Dit was goed om jou vir 'n deeltjie van 'n sekonde te sien! Het 'n bietjie by die eindpunt geloer, maar daar was so baie mense. Ek dink julle was toe alreeds weg toe my span ingekom het. Dit was regtig 'n besondere geleentheid.

  4. Wendy - You're right, being a more experienced traveller probably means one is better equipped to navigate the route! :)

    JJ - That I am indeed! :)

    Toortsie - Was fantasties om jou vir so 'n fraksie van 'n sekonde te sien! Lyk my ons twee ontmoet so in trappe van vergelyking!



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