Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 394 - An official pilgrim!

I guess I'm official now! My Pilgrim's Credential has arrived. This was accompanied by my official Pilgrim's Passport, duly stamped by the Confraternity of St James.

I've locked it all away so that it doesn't get misplaced between now and June 2012 - with my history of losing things, well let's just say it's best locked away! I will admit that every now and again I find myself taking it out and looking at it. Seeing '782,2km to go' printed at the starting point seems slightly overwhelming but very exciting at the same time! 

So, got the papers, got the luggage tag. Only about 300 or so days to go!

We're getting there - slowly, but surely!


  1. Another step closer to your dream! Buen Camino!

  2. Hooray!
    Congratulations! Maybe I'll see you on the Camino!

  3. How exciting!! We'll be following you each step of the way. Where will be your starting point?


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