Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 183 - Words

This was forwarded to me by a friend - really got me thinking. Indeed, words are more powerful than many of us care to admit. So, before you say something that you can't take back - stop, think for a while. Is it really worth it?

Silence might sometimes be better.

The opposite is just as true though, isn't it? Saying that nice thing that you might have been thinking, but didn't voice, that might be the one thing that makes someone else's day.

People tell me that when you wear your little scallop shell board on the camino it means you don't want to talk. I'm really looking forward to that. Meditating whilst walking, surrounded by people. Seems like a challenge. Time to think about how I use my words.

May you take in the kind words that come your way and in turn pass on kindness, compassion and love through the words you choose to utter this day.


  1. Sniffle sniffle! There is one of those old sayings in German that that my Mum & Omi used to say to me, which as a child of course I never understood. Die Tone macht die Musik. The tone makes the music! Beautifully illustrated here!

  2. Hi! You've been added to my Blog-A-Licious library! Do keep your great posts coming! And do come have a look at the other Blog-A-Licious Blogs.
    Cheers - Dora


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