Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 166 - Into the Wild...

If I were to make a movie of my life this week I could easily give it the title 'Into the Wild...', as it really feels as if we've escaped from real life the last couple of days! We're travelling in the Kruger National Park and every day brings a gift of unrehearsed, unplanned scenes with some of the most incredible roleplayers!

In the last two days we have been up close to elephant, giraffe, wildebeest, hippo, buffalo and baboons - to name but a few! This is one of the most important wildlife conservation areas on our continent and I have been blessed to visit this amazing place since I was a little girl.

What a pleasure to listen to my parents recall the times we spent here while I was growing up! Now it's my turn to treat them and I am treasuring every moment!

Here are a few of our sightings of the last two days - we're about to start the fire for dinner, a good bottle of wine is on ice and I can't wait to spot the Southern Cross in an unpolluted clear sky!

Wish you were here! :)


  1. I was so excited to come across your blog because my son and his girlfriend just spent the fall working in Cape Town. Here is her blog post that includes their time in South Africa

  2. You make me hanker after getting back there. The sounds of the cicadas, the earthy feel of the lodges, the endless and vast landscape - just for the animals, the confrontation with the circle of life! Enjoy each moment.
    I'm sooooo envious!

  3. I wish I were there too. Kruger is on my Bucket List.

  4. Wish I were there as well!

    (BTW, love the idea of the 'Now' clock' in your earlier post.)

  5. JoDee - what a pity we missed each other! I look forward to reading your future posts as well - very glad you found my blog!

    MaxMom - I'll post some more of the Kruger photos on my hiking blog - you should make time to go up there, it's so much closer for you than for us!

    JJ - Well worth a visit, I can assure you!

    Robert - Funny how the 'now' message has actually stuck with me, such a basic truth but something we often forget to focus on!


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