Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Loving Madeira!

Just a quick hallo from the magical island of Madeira! We flew in to Funchal from Lisbon this morning and we've had a wonderful day. Winter in Madeira is quite pleasant and needless to say, the food is to die for!

We've just gone for a long walk and I'm ready to call it a day! How wonderful to be surrounded by the sounds and smells of a place that I love so much...

We plan to explore Funchal tomorrow, do some shopping, take a million pictures and perhaps have lunch at one of our favourite spots. I already have visions of my favourite dish in this city - pork, marinated in red wine and garlic, served with homemade Portuguese bread. Add a jug of Sangria, some good company and you can't possibly ask for more!

Boa noite my friends!

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  1. My dear in Madeira! if you don't mind....that food description is making my stomach grumble....sounds delightful!


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